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Nanoka no Kare ch. 10 raw - here


Nanoka no Kare ch. 10 raw - here

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Subbed video for Sayonara wa Yuubae no Naka de, sung by Ouki Kaname.

Almost forgot to put this here, lol. As always, just the poor translation is mine, not the rest.



Thank You ❤️

So cute and adorable…

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Subs for the live version of “Aitai”, sung by Ranju Tomu at her last Dinner Show in Takarazuka *insert breakdown* *insert drama button* *insert river of tears*

I was pretty disappointed at this version, tbh. I was hoping for at least a little more of the dance moves but I guess she didn’t have time to learn much of them again. Or even teach the other girls?

PS: My encoder didn’t work very well. I tried it a thousand times and it kept returning some kind of error. But well, quality is not what I want to share here.

Subs for Ryuu Masaki and Ranju Tomu singing “Ai no Obie”, The Rose of Versailles.

In 2013, I was happy enough that my two favorite Takarasiennes worked as a couple. I confess I wasn’t even that big on Ryuu Masaki back when it was announced but by the time they were actually together on stage it felt like a dream come true, lol.

Subbed video for Aran Kei singing “Hatsune Izuko” (Where is Hatsune).

I couldn’t find it in my archives so I might have already put it here or not. :o This is one of my favorite songs in one of my favorite musicals with Touko. ♥


Subbed video for Ranju Tomu’s Aitai music video.

Happy birthday, Tomu!!!

Reblogging my own post because… 会いたい…

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Subbed video for Andrea Chenier’s Ai no Uta, version sung by Ranju Tomu.

Congratulations, Tomu!!! ♥♥♥ (although it is sad how from tomorrow on I should be using the OG tag)

(I only (poorly) translated this, the video does not belong to me)

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