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まるで、傍に居るような気持ちで 一日を過ごしました。








unsubtlelove has been doing a great job spreading Tomu’s translated blog posts but as it seems there haven’t been recent posts, I take the liberty to do just this one for the Hanagumi fan love I feel toward the three ‘siennes involved. I apologize if I offend anyone! (also, my Japanese or English are far from perfect, do note that).

One night dawns…

Yesterday my classmate Eritan graduated from Takarazuka!

Our classmates were sending me photos from the theater like in a relay, so I spent the day feeling as if I were by their side.

I had rehearsals from morning to night so it was unfortunate I couldn’t go but I felt delighted at her healthy and mischievous appearance, and then moved by her splendid appearance.

To the Eritan who is full of refreshing and bright smiles!

Congratulations! (⌒▽⌒)

82nd gen, banzai!*\(^o^)/*


Congratulations on your graduation!!

From now on as well, I wish Mattsu can go walking with strength the road that fits you*. (⌒▽⌒)

*rashii was unexpectedly hard to translate without sounding weird, I hope I could put the right idea…

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My Japanese lessons on how to read/watch the news would have been much more fruitful had they featured Tomu’s reactions… just saying.

Subs for Sou Kazuho’s version of Canary theme song, Nani ga Shinjitsu na no ka, Omoiga Todokanai

Even though this is from her Hanagumi period, I hope it serves as a memento to her fans. Congratulations on your retirement, Eritan!

(this is sad for me, as a Hanagumi fan, so many girls I loved who are not there anymore…)

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Blow kisses to you too, Masao

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This recommendation is also in Portuguese but it features a rare pairing I personally love. Also lots of fun due to gay-dar malfunction.

Título: Ela é o cara
Autora: AWickedWriter
Fandom: Takarazuka
Classificação: 16 anos
Palavras:7019 palavras
Personagens/Casais: Ranju Tomu/Ryuu Masaki
Gêneros: Romance
Resumo: Ranju Tomu se apaixonou por Ryuu Masaki e quer descobrir se ela é lésbica, com direito a jantar, bebida e bom papo. O problema é que Masao fala para Tomu, com a maior naturalidade, que já ficou com muitos caras. O que fará Tomu diante desta situação?
Disclaimer: Pessoas reais, história ficcional, feito de fã pra fã. That’s all.
Notas: História escrita para o Festival Yuri Multifandom, um amigo oculto de fanfics promovido pela comunidade Saint Seiya Super Fics Journal.
Espero que goste, GoodOldBadMood. Foi feita com carinho. <3

Read it here!



*Image stitching by myself.

*Do not re-upload. Thx.

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Subs for Ryuu Masaki’s My Life Your Life, JIN’s theme song.


Unfortunately, it is in Portuguese but if you enjoy Takarazuka fics, you shouldn’t it (if you can read it, of course…)

I’ll rec more from this Yuri Fest later, some in English.

Título: Lamparina e Príncipe Azul
Autora: GoodOldBadMood
Fandom: Takarazuka
Classificação: 16 anos
Palavras: ~7 mil (2 capítulos)
Personagens/Casais: Asaka Manato/ Ranju Tomu
Gêneros: Fluff, Romance.
Resumo: Maakun tem a missão de controlar seus impulsos enquanto cuida de sua Top Star.
Disclaimer: Nada nessa história me pertence e não lucrei nada com ela.
Notas: História escrita para o Festival Yuri Multifandom, um amigo oculto de fanfics promovido pela comunidade Saint Seiya Super Fics Journal.

Capítulo 1 | Capítulo 2